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10GB New Zealand SIM Card - The best value travel SIM card for New Zealand is $37.00 and it comes with 10GB of 4Gdata! The 4G mobile data speeds allow you to share photos, browse the web on fast connections without worrying about slow Wi-Fi spots or download times while using your favourite social app in one go - there are 200 minutes/texting.

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4G/LTE. $1.75 USD per Gigabyte. The best value tourist e-sim card for New Zealand is the Joytel e-sim cards from Nomad. Joytel operates on the mobile data network of Spark, the best 4G/5G data network in New Zealand. Nomad has more e-sim card offers for New Zealand, some good, some ok.

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Skinny Promo Code: 2ULBTXV. To get the 4GB of free data, you'll have to buy either a $16 or $26 rollover plan and redeem the promo code within 30 days of activating your SIM via the Skinny app or website. If you use the promo code for 4GB of free mobile data for yourself, I'll get NZD 20 Skinny credit.

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In that case, it is better to get a SIM card or travel eSIM from the local mobile operators, which in this case would be the New Zealand ones.. that linked guide is the most extensive SIM card buying guide for New Zealand on the web, packed with insightful information and tips. By Author Adu. Posted on Published: 27 September 2023 - Last.

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THE BEST SIM CARD FOR TRAVELLING NEW ZEALAND. SKINNY MOBILE is the best sim card in New Zealand for travellers (and residents). You can get 4GB of rollover data for free (one time only) by using the code: NBLTK5M when you sign up (I give more details about this promo code here ). Keep reading on as I'll tell you how to use the Skinny mobile.

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1. Get your Unlimited Travel SIM. Order a SIM from our partner with free delivery worldwide or find one at select airports, popular tourist destinations and 2degrees retail stores. 2. Add usage days to suit your suit your trip. Our Unlimited Travel SIM lets you pick a plan based on the duration of your trip. 3.

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Airalo. Airalo is one of the best and most popular eSim companies for international travel because they offer the cheapest data packages. Their six mobile data plans for New Zealand include: 1 GB / 7 days for $4.5. 2 GB / 15days for $8.5. 3 GB / 30 days for $13.5. 5 GB / 30 days for $16. 10 GB / 30 days for $26.

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I've found the best options for SIM cards when visiting New Zealand to be for: Visitors staying less than a month: Get a Vodafone Travel SIM card at any airport, starting from 29 NZD 1. Visitors staying 1-2 months: Also check out Vodafone Travel SIMs, though consider the 49 NZD option.

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PICK-UP LOCATION & HOURS: This New Zealand travel SIM card can be redeemed at the 1/F International Arrivals Hall of Auckland International Airport (AKL). Pick-up is available everyday from 5:30am-2am (next day). BEST REVIEW: "I didnt even need to show my voucher, they had my name on the system for fast transaction. Hassle free.

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One NZ New Zealand (formerly Vodafone New Zealand): 29 NZD, 59 NZD & 99 NZD (Travel Plans) 2degrees New Zealand: free (Tourist SIM - can be shipped around the world 1) Skinny Mobile: 28 NZD, 48 NZD & 88 NZD (NZ Travel SIM) Be aware that SIM cards sold at airports can be more expensive than the prices mentioned earlier.

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Three major mobile network carriers in New Zealand offer prepaid SIM cards for travelers: Spark, 2degrees, and One (formerly known as Vodafone). Three major network carriers in New Zealand: Spark, 2degrees, and One (former Vodafone) Good to know: NZD 1 = USD 0.62; USD 1 = NZD 1.62 (updated in February 2024) 1.

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Our NZ Travel Packs with SIM are perfect for travelling in New Zealand. From $29, includes data and international minutes.. If you intend or need to be in New Zealand for longer than three months, we suggest you check out our Pay Monthly or Prepaid packs.. (including by using your SIM card in any other device) Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs)

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A Tourist Sim Card in New Zealand costs between $25 NZD and $43 NZD in April 2024, however, the exact price will often depend on the store you visit and the plan you choose. Alternatively, an eSim in New Zealand will cost between $4.50 USD and $44 USD. This, again, depends on how much data you require and which eSim provider you choose.

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No worries - simply stop by one of our stores when you get here. We're also at airports near the duty free or arrival areas. Find a store. Data, mins and TXTs on NZ Travel SIM $29 lasts 30 days. Data, mins and TXTs on NZ Travel SIM $49, $69 and $99 lasts 60 days. Included mins and TXTs are for personal use, and to standard numbers in NZ only.

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Vodafone's most affordable SIM cards for New Zealand give you the following: 2 GB of data, 200 mins/texts for NZ & international countries - $29 NZ for 30 days. This is a worse deal than Spark, as it lasts for 60 days less and you do not get NZ calls/texts plus international calls, they are all clumped together.

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They currently offer two packages that cover New Zealand: 10 GB, valid for 30 days for $24.90. 10 GB, valid for 14 days for $49.90. Browse your options on SimOptions. Finally, the last option is to buy a New Zealand eSIM card or, if you're traveling to multiple countries, an eSIM plan for Oceania.