Fitting Your Own Chinese Diesel Heater Everything You Need To Know

Installing a Chinese Diesel Heater in our Van (aka Hugo)

Dickinson Antarctic Diesel Owner's Manual (36 pages) Diesel heater. Installation Diagram Clearance Diagram Flue Stack (Chimney Fuel Supply Burner Assembly Lighting Instructions Operating Tips Lighting Instructions. Brand: Dickinson | Category: Heater | Size: 0.55 MB.

Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions A Helpful Guide

There is a very simple maths equation you can use once you know the exact HZ rate you are running your heater on. The six blade universal controllers are the only controllers that still use HZ as one of its power modes. Chinese Diesel Heater Fuel Consumption And Cost To Run Per Hour on Diesel, Red Diesel & Kerosene.

Chinese Diesel Heater Instructions A Helpful Guide

Chinese Diesel Heater Workshop Install - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.

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Download or read online manual, installation instructions, specifications, pictures and questions and answers. Vevor XMZ-D2 User Manual; User Manual Vevor XMZ-D2 Bluetooth App Control Diesel Air Heater, 12V 8KW Diesel Heater. Documents for Vevor XMZ-D2. The following documents are available: User Manual. Manual - (English. PDF. File name.

Chinese Diesel Heater Install 4 Steps (with Pictures) Instructables

In Chinese diesel heaters, it is called pulse and is used as the main setting for power modes. The pulse is measured in Hertz and defines the number of pump cycles per second. The volume of the fuel pump is normally between 0,020 ml and 0,023 ml and can be found on the pump itself or in the manual.


Chinese Diesel Heater Elevation Adjustment. Worm drive style hose clamp - Don't use these if you can help it. Screw style hose clamp - these work much better. 2. Get better hose clamps. When we first installed the heater, we used the hose clamps that came with the kit.

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A helping guide to Chinese diesel heater instructions. How to start up and use your heater. Regulators settings + diesel heat failure codes..


The Afterburner only works with compatible digitally controlled Chinese Diesel heaters. Not all heaters are digitally controlled. The best discriminator is to inspect the control board housed within the heater unit. If it looks like either of the following, then your heater is compatible and will work with this controller.

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The diesel fill port hides nicely behind the plastic which is easy to pop on and off. We might come up with a better solution by adding a hinge to the trim piece. 1: Fuel fill hose 1 1/2". 2: Tri-Clamp adapter 1 1/2" to 5/8". 3: 5/8" Fuel hose to rear/bottom of fuel tank. The rear of the fuel tank has two connections.

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Undervoltage of power supply - battery doesn't have enough power. • Recharge your battery before turning the diesel heater back on. • Check heater is set to correct voltage (12 or 24) in advanced settings. E-02. Overvoltage of power supply - voltage is over the permitted level. • Reduce the voltage to 12 volts.

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So the first thing you need to do is to cut your rubber fuel pipe into 6 equal pieces with a Stanley Knife and push one of them onto the fuel intake in the bottom of the diesel heater then secure into place with a clip. You then cut the desired amount of plastic fuel line to reach from your heater back into your van to where your fuel pump will.


Attach the ducting & vent casings. 5. Bolt heater to the floor. Get under the van and bolt the diesel heater unit to the floor. 6. Attach air intake pipe. Attach the air filter & air intake pipe to the bottom of the heater from underneath the van. Secure using brackets. 7.

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It takes about 5 minutes before large quantities of hot air pour into the workshop, then 5 or 10 minutes before its inbuilt thermostat turns down the fuel supply to a 'tick-over' which keeps the workshop at 19°C to 20°C (68°F). The workshop is a large single garage size, so not huge. The heater is very effective.

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1 Heater 12V diesel,12V gas,24V diesel 1 2 Wiring harness 12V/20A fuse 24V/15A fuse 1 3 Fuel pump 12V/24V 1 4 Fuel pump connection wire L=6800 1. Comply with the operational manual for installation and use to ensure that the heaters can work for a long time. Version No.:20150203 . 4 1 Introduction

Chinese Diesel Heater Install 4 Steps (with Pictures) Instructables

Reduce the high sound levels from the burner/fan/pump. Keep the diesel out of my workshop, due to its smell. Get a straightforward layout for the components. The heater was mounted on the external wall of my garage, a half-brick was removed to allow the hot air duct to enter directly into the workshop. I chose to mount the diesel tank in an.

Chinese Diesel Heater Install 4 Steps (with Pictures) Instructables

Hi everybody, in this quick video we try to tell you everything you need to know about the most common diesel heater controller in under 2 mins. We cover how.