6 Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Water Pump The Motor Guy

6 Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Water Pump The Motor Guy

Hose clip failure. Car recently overheated on motorway causing extensive engine damage. A number of people have told me that this is a common problem with the latest corsa 1.2 engine. Caused by failure of plastic clip on water pump No temp guage in car so dif. 2006 Posted: Oct 25, 2009

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start your and let it run for around 10 mins, put something under the car if you get coolent on it then your pump needs changing. thats how i got told when i got mine replaced. will cost around £100 to replace inc fitting. signs of the water pump going is when your losing alot of coolent. <3 Rachel101.

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1438 posts · Joined 2017. #2 · Jul 7, 2020. Hey ewan, sorry to hear your having issues. You need to make sure the water isnt rain wster (even though i agree indont think it is) but becuase its a free check of just sitting in the passenger the seat when it rains. If yountype in corsa wet footwell (youtube), their is a common problem on the.

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December 11, 2019 by Jason. Your Opel Corsa's water pump is one of the most crucial parts of the engine. If it doesn't pump water through the engine, it's going to overheat and do a lot of damage. Typical signs of a bad water pump include overheating, white smoke, a bad smell, rough idle, and more. A water pump works by pumping water.

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Sounds like it may of had an airlock, which was why the mechanic had to put more water in it. 92 degrees sounds bang on, the thermostat probably opens between 88 - 92 degrees, so thats ok. When you release the cap when its hot, there will be pressure built up, because a cooling system is pressurised. Doesn't sound like head gasket, just keep an.

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Then a water leak into the electric vacuum pump caused a risk of fire, and so another recall. The parking brake was found to be the wrong specification on more than 12,000 examples, so had to be replaced.. Does the Vauxhall Corsa have gearbox problems? The Vauxhall Corsa D can fall victim to a problem that causes a sticky gearshift action.

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vx chris. 10 posts · Joined 2023. #11 · Aug 25, 2023. this is common to be the timing chain/oil pump housing gasket reacting to poor oil changes , causes the gasket to go brittle and allow coolant to leak through gasket and so into sump . creating a false scenario of head gasket failure. matthew k.

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How to replace your Vauxhall Corsa water pumpWe love helping especially now that it is lockdown offering tips on minor repairs and reviews on products to hel.

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A failing water pump may exhibit a whining noise or engine overheating symptoms. Unless fixed at the earliest, a water pump problem can cause severe damage to other car components like the head gasket, pistons, and more. On detecting any bad water pump symptoms, get it checked without further delay.

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everson38. 1438 posts · Joined 2017. #16 · Aug 9, 2022 (Edited) If you try to buy a new cap from vauxhall for a Corsa D they do a new upgraded version which is a black one, the only issue I found was that when I compared the new "upgraded" black version to the old yellow version you get a few more turns with the old yellow cap compared to the.

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When determining if your Opel Corsa's fuel pump is going bad, there are a few common symptoms to look out for. Here, we'll discuss three key indicators that your fuel pump might be failing. 1. Whining Noise. The sound clip above is a fuel pump priming. After it has primed, you may hear a high-pitched whining noise, which can indicate a fuel.

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Water pump replaced on this 1.4 petrol Vauxhall Corsa D.Torque settings for water pump bolts 8nm. Hope this helps some of you out, don't forget to subscribe.


Corsa D 1.3 Diesel - will not start - will not turn over. On the 1.3 diesel models the drain holes under the scuttle panel block with leaves and other crap (see below) the ECU then sits in a water bath water eventually gets inside and destroys the ECU so get those drain holes cleared and keep your fingers crossed its not too late. A new ECU.

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Hey guys. I am currently changing the water pump on.my vauxhall corsa D 2013 1.2 petrol. Upon remove the water pump bolts I noticed that 2 maybe 3 of them had oil on threads (see pic) is this normal or.a bigger concern to check whilst I have it apart. I also noticed that behind the pump there was this collection of water (see where pen in pic is).

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Firstly make sure the water pump is turning and you have water in header tank, if possible top of radiator, dont take the top of the header tank /radiator when hot, if you have to, use a glove and do it in stages, there should be pressure there if the rad cap is working properly. Make sure the temperature gauge is in the normal place, you will.

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Head gasket or water pump failure? Hi. Thank you for taking the time to help first of all. My mum has a 2008 Corsa D 1.4 petrol. We were out in the car and the coolant and oil pressure warning lights came on and the engine began overheating. There was no coolant in the expansion tank however the oil level seemed ok so I assume the oil light.