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How to Treat Damp Patch on Chimney Breast in Bedroom. How you treat damp patches on your chimney breast in the bedroom or living room will depend on the root cause of the damp issue. You will need to deal with the root cause of the damp before you will be able to treat the damp on the walls and add the necessary protection. The main solutions.

Persistent damp from chimney breast Roofing, Tiling & Slating

Deal with underlying cause of chimney damp - e.g. condensation in flue, rain penetration though chimney stack, defective flashings, etc…. Remove salt-contaminated plaster from chimney breast. Apply Dryshield cream to exposed brickwork - this acts as a barrier to moisture and disrupts salt movement. Fix standard plasterboard to the chimney.

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I currently have a damp patch in our bedroom on the side of the chimney breast. It seems to have started near the back wall but is visible on the ceiling and back wall. I have had two roofers look at the flashings around the chimney, one wanted to replace the whole lot and the other quoted for pulling the flashings away re pointing behind and.

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Damp patch and staining on the chimney breast and plasterboard ceiling. This is what you sometimes see on an old property where the chimney is, this is hygroscopic salts that have migrated through the bricks. And again, hygroscopic salts on the external wall of the chimney. Another issue I now find is that the diagnosis has gone the other way.

Persistent damp from chimney breast Roofing, Tiling & Slating

Condensation or Lack of Ventilation Causing Chimney Damp. If there are no damp leaks at your property, then one of the likely factors causing the damp issue is that there is a lack of ventilation. Where there is a lack of ventilation this can then lead to condensation issues which can affect chimneys that are both in use and not in use.

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The chimney breast to the front of the house was dry on all elevations. The rear bedroom chimney breast tested positively for damp. The moisture is not causing blistering to the plaster or unsightly staining however the moisture is likely to be as a result of condensation formed from either cold bridging within the stack or possibly hygroscopic.

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If you are unsure whether you have damp on your chimney breast wall or in the stack, here are a few common signs to look out for: Reoccurring damp patches that come and go on or around your chimney breast, worsening during wet weather. Damp marks on chimney breast wall, usually in a yellow or brown colour. Damp in your loft or attic located.

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The Fix for the Chimney Base. If you have found that you do not in fact have a Damp Proof Course in your chimney breast then it is a good idea to add one. You can do this by drilling holes into your chimney breast about six inches up from ground level and injecting a chemical cream DPC into the holes.

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These salts attract moisture and cause damp spots to appear on the chimney breast, which usually come and go as the humidity in your room changes.. Another cause of cold and damp patches in your chimney area can be poor ventilation. A chimney breast should be vented top and bottom to produce a decent air flow and prevent cold air becoming.

damp on upstairs chimney breast Roofing job in Bristol, Avon MyBuilder

jackyboy New Member. I've got a chimney damp problem that i can't seem to fix, earlier in the year i noticed some damp patches on the chimney breast in the bedroom, i went into the loft to check the chimney breast above, the bricks were dry to the touch no leaks around the lead flashing, it's an old stone house with brick on the inside.

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Above - Stains on the rear bedroom chimney breast and ceiling. This is a short example of the problem I investigated this week in Harrogate, West Yorkshire. Salt contamination from concentrated flue gas salts which persist has caused this issue. Typical symptoms are damp patches, which may or may not be salty looking.

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Explanation in comments : r/DIYUK. Damp patch on chimney breast. Explanation in comments. Hi. We had a damp patch on a chimney breast when renovating our house, we were told this was likely down to flashing. We weren't using the chimney and had removed the gas fire so the chimney stack has been removed and tiled over.

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Step 5: Removing Mold And Mildew. If mould or mildew has developed, it will need to be removed using a solution of bleach and water or a commercial mould and mildew remover. To remove mould and mildew as a fix to a damp chimney breast, you should wear protective gear and mix a solution of water and mild detergent.

Damp seeping from chimney breast Damp Proofing job in Coalville, Leicestershire MyBuilder

If you notice damp on your chimney breast, you need to treat it as soon as possible. The most common causes of damp in your chimney breast are: Rain water or other external moisture getting in. Condensation forming from inside the chimney. Hygroscopic salts drawing moisture into the walls.

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The methods Turner Baker Ltd use to prevent the occurrence of damp and staining will depend on the original source of the damage. In order to decide on the best course of action Turner Baker Ltd undertake site surveys to eliminate possible causes. The repair process may include: Supplying and fitting chimney cowls.

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West Midlands. Country. 3 Dec 2008. #5. banter2 said: whatever the replastering method you are using for the room is fine, may i suggest dry line and skim. but on the chimney breast face use sand and cement render with a liquid waterproofer in the mix, after skiming no damp or staining will ever strike through.