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Polish and English for all your needs, with 25 years of experience. 6 years ago. Contact tutor. 6 years ago. Poniedziałek (is the first day of the week) wtorek, środa, czwartek, piątek,sobota niedziela. The answer is:

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Days of the week, months & seasons in Polish Learn the Polish names for days, months and seasons. This page is part of the chapter " Polish vocabulary and phrases ".

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Now, as promised, the 15 phrases to help you make and discuss plans. 2. Talking About your Plans. Perhaps you're working in Poland, or maybe you're enjoying a prolonged holiday. Fabulous! Memorize these phrases so you can be sure to successfully negotiate meetings, appointments, dates, events, the list goes on! 1.

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Learn the names of the days of the week in Polish by playing games! Start by clicking on the images to listen to and learn new words. Once you're ready, click 'Start' to enter test mode and assess your knowledge.

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The word piąty in Polish means: fifth, therefore, piątek means the fifth day of the week. Piątek is the last of the five official working days and the last day of school. Kids love it, and people work in corporates too. Friday evening is popular for Poles to go to bars, have a drink, and relax after a long week. Friday is also the fasting day.

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BUY ME A COFFEEhttps://www.buymeacoffee.com/itsewelinaToday I am teaching you how to say days of the week in Polish. Monday through Sunday. I also have a bon.

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Duda and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda met on the last day of the week-long Brave Griffin 24/II military exercise along the Suwalki Gap, a strategically important stretch of land that's.

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The Polish word for 'day' is dzień, and its plural 'days' is dni; the plural for 'week' is tygodnie. The words for the days of the week also have feminine renditions in Polish, and these are found by simply removing the -ek endings on the days that have them, the others do not change.

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How to say "On" a day of the week (e.g. 'On Monday') in Polish. This is easy! You just use the preposition w then the day of the week. If the day of the week begins with a 'w' (e.g. wtorek/Tuesday) then use 'we'. You also have to change the words slightly into the accusative case (biernik) so the endings change a little. W poniedziałek (on Monday)

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This Polish lesson provides a foundational understanding of 10 terms related to the days of the week. Start with basics like "Monday," "Tuesday," and so on, before advancing to broader terms like "Week" and "Weekend." These aren't just names of days; they are critical elements for organizing your life, scheduling your time, and making plans.

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In Polish speaking countries, the first day of the week starts with Monday and Sunday is the last day of the week. The first day of the week, Monday in Polish is written as poniedziałek, and it is pronounced as "poniedzialek." The second day of the week, Tuesday in Polish is written as wtorek, and it is pronounced as "wtorek."

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piątek. saturday. sobota. sunday. niedziela. days of the week. dni tygodnia. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like monday, tuesday, wednesday and more.

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dni tygodnia - days of the week in Polish. Hi Polish Learners! 😃. In today's lesson, we will learn how to say the Days of the Week in Polish. As you continue to expand your Polish vocabulary, don't forget to check out our other lessons on topics like Polish Trees, Polish Geometry Vocabulary, and Polish Food and Drink Vocabulary. Happy learning!

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In this lesson you will learn the days of the week in Polish.-----MY COURSES & E-BOOKS: https://polishwithmonika.com/.

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001 - People 002 - Family Members 003 - Getting to know others 004 - At school 005 - Countries and Languages 006 - Reading and writing 007 - Numbers 008 - The time 009 - Days of the week 010 - Yesterday - today - tomorrow 011 - Months 012 - Beverages 013 - Activities 014 - Colors 015 - Fruits and food 016 - Seasons and Weather 017 - Around.