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The Deep History Coast project. North Norfolk District Council has mammoth plans to bring the Deep History Coast to life through a number of exciting initiatives including: Installing a Deep History Coast themed Discovery Trail at 11 points between Weybourne and Cart Gap; Hosting the first coastal marathon event in 2020 - The Mammoth Marathon!

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The new trail connects eleven 'Discovery Points', each with display boards that touch on a different element of the coast's past. The last of these is due to be put in place in November.

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Explore the Deep History Coast along the Discovery Trail which follows the coastline from Weybourne to Cart Gap. Walk it all or pick a section and find out what the area was like thousands of years ago via eleven Discovery Points along the way. Along each route, you will discover something unique about north Norfolk's past..

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Norfolk's Deep History Coast is a 22-mile stretch of coastline between Weybourne and Cart Gap. Archeological finds along the Deep Coast History have provided the earliest evidence for human presence here in Norfolk some 850,000 years ago. You can now explore the Deep History Coast along the Discovery Trail.

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Seahenge was discovered on the deep history coast. Picture: Norfolk Museums Service. By Rowan Mantell. Norfolk's coast is renowned for its beaches, wildlife, saltmarshes, quaint villages and seaside resorts. It is also full of so many wonders stretching back through millions of years that it has become known as the Deep History Coast.

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The Deep History Coast Discovery Trail covers 36kms of the North Norfolk coast, passing through Overstrand a mere 500 yards from the The White Horse, where an information discovery point can be found (see picture). Coastal Path.

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A key place along Norfolk's Deep History Coast, Happisburgh (pronounced hayz·buh·ruh) is a prime fossil-hunting beach. The Happisburgh Beach Road car park is a Deep History Coast Discovery Point, where you can learn more about the first ancient tourists to Norfolk.

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The area's full backstory was unknown at the time. The Deep History Coast ( deephistorycoast.co.uk ), which encompasses a 22-mile cliffed section of northern Norfolk, from Weyborne to Cart Gap.

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2nd October 2020. As we gazed into the phone, our view of the sea vanished, to be replaced by a grazing mammoth sauntering across the grassland - augmented reality rather than actual, but exploring the Deep History Coast in Norfolk was proving full of surprises. Once mammoths really did roam this part of the country - the country's oldest.

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Cromer Museum. Lighthouse. Cliffs. Night time sky. Marine exploration. Walkers. Come to north-east Norfolk's unique Deep History Coast, cradle of British civilisation, and walk in the footsteps left by the UK's first tourists nearly one million years ago. Yes, in Norfolk! This is the land that has changed our understanding of pre.

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Finds on the Deep History Coast have provided the earliest evidence for human occupation so far discovered in northern Europe. They place early humans here in Norfolk some 350,000 years earlier than had been thought, at over 800,000 years ago. They also inform and provide a focus for the emerging story of Doggerland - an area of land, now lying.

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Well, now you can experience that along North Norfolk's Deep History Coast, 22 miles of stunning coastline — simply follow the discovery trail between Weybourne and Cart Gap, with 11 fact finding Discovery Points along the way. The Discovery Point in Sheringham is on the East Beach Promenade beside the Offshore Cafe, where augmented.

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ISBN: 9781803994871. Pages: 168. Illustrations: 50. RRP: £ 9.99. "Fascinating and illuminating - this book takes you on a trip to the seaside and back into the depths of the Ice Age, walking in the steps of our distant ancestors." - Professor Alice Roberts. Norfolk's Deep History Coast is a place of unique archaeological and.