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Increased Storage Density. Ridg-U-Rak Double Deep Pallet Rack Systems place one row of 100% selective pallet rack behind another. Using a deep reach lift truck, the operator places a pallet onto the deepest rack structure. Another pallet is then placed on the front rack unit, eliminating the need for an aisle between the two storage racks.

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Dec 19, 2017. As the name suggests, Double Deep Pallet Racking enables palletised items to be stored two rows deep and provides superior storage density to alternative systems such as wide aisle.

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Benefits of Double Deep Pallet Racking. Integrating a double deep selective racking system at any storage facility affords businesses several benefits, including: Increased floor space: With this racking configuration, facilities will see a reduction in the number of aisles required, increasing floor space for a better aisle-to-shelf ratio.

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Key Benefits. - Doubles the density of racking between the aisles. - Provides double the storage space per SKU to accommodate faster movers. - Deep reach attachment is less expensive than alternative of purchasing swing reach trucks, and going to VNA single selective layout. - Flexibility - reach trucks equipped with deep reach attachment can.

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Double Deep Pallet Racking is a storage system that is halfway between adjustable pallet racking systems and compact storage systems. In double deep pallet racking, the unit loads are stored mechanically by forklifts that move along the aisles arranged in parallel to the racking systems. In this system, the pallets are stored at two depths.

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Double deep pallet racking systems revolutionize warehouse storage, offering a strategic solution to maximize space utilization. This innovative storage. UNARCO Material Handling is a trusted name in the material handling industry, providing a wide range of storage solutions, including 2-deep solutions. With a focus on quality and.

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Advantages of Double Deep Pallet Racking. • Higher storage density than selective pallet racking systems. • Lowest cost per pallet position of any rack system. • Increase floor space by 60-65%. • Forklift drive must reach over the first beam level to load and unload pallets off the second beam level. • Very popular rack for high.

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Double-Deep Selective Pallet Rack is a two-deep version of the standard selective pallet rack commonly used to boost pallet density for higher volume products. Double-deep maximizes warehousing space by reducing the number of aisles while increasing pallet storage space; however, it should also be noted that these systems require the use of a double-deep reach forklift to access the rack system.

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The Double Deep Pallet Rack is a high-density racking system designed to maximize storage capacity in warehouses. By reducing the number of aisles needed, it significantly increases storage density, making it a valuable solution for warehouses facing space constraints.

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Double deep pallet racking systems are the least expensive high density rack system on the market and here is why: Double Deep Pallet Racks consist of a back-to-back row of pallet rack backed up to another back-to-back row of pallet rack which creates a 4-pallet deep system accessed from both sides.

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While selectivity has been reduced by one-half over standard pallet rack, twice as many pallets are stored for a given number of aisles. These warehouse pallet racking systems increase productive use of floor space about 60% to 65%. Double deep storage racking has become a very popular choice in "high throughput" operations. It offers low.

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It's a system that allows you to store pallets two-deep, effectively doubling your storage density compared to traditional pallet racking systems. This article delves into the advantages, key features, and considerations of double deep pallet racking , helping you determine if it's the right choice for your warehouse.

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A double-deep pallet rack system consists of two rows of pallet rack systems back to back, and another two rows of pallet racks back to back, all in one row. The resulting system is two pallets deep. Using such a system saves a great deal of floor space, as you will not have to use as much space for forklift aisles, but it will also require you.

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Double deep pallet rack systems increase the productive use of floor space at a low initial cost, thereby providing good selectivity and improved storage density. Double deep pallet racking is ideal for high throughput operations and offers efficient use of available storage space, providing twice as much storage in the same amount of floor.