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For the first time since I bought my A4 in November 2016, the cooling fan ran on high speed for about 5 minutes after I turned off the car today. I have never heard it running before today. I believe it had been running on high speed for some time, since I heard some unusual noise while driving. It was about 70 degrees here today, so I doubt it.

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Hello, After turning off the engine of my 2022 CX-5, I always heard the fan run for a bit before it shut down. That seemed normal. However recently the a odd noise developed and not sure what this is? It is coming from the front of the engine bay- passenger side. The noise stops when the.

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Noise Coming from the Engine after Turning It Off - Most Common Reasons. 1 - Damaged Head gasket. 2 - Insufficient Coolant. 3 - Low Level of Oil. 4 - Problematic Battery. 5 - Damaged Hoses. 6 - Blocked Exhaust System. 7 - Loose Hanging Components.

Fan Noise After Turning Engine Off Here’s Why And How To Fix Car Care Site

Even after turning off the engine, the car may make strange noises. Some vehicles have their engine cooling fans and other components set to continue working even when the engine is turned off. You pull into parking, turn off the car's engine, and get out to go.

Fan Noise After Turning Engine Off

The Mazda CX-5 - like many modern automobiles - continues to cool the engine after it shuts off. The manual addresses this, saying, " The electrical fan in the engine compartment could turn on for a few minutes after the ignition is switched from ON to OFF, whether or not the A/C is on or off, to cool the engine compartment quickly.".

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nullptr said: It's fairly common for the fan to continue to run after the engine is turned off so it continues to draw air through the radiator and over the engine. I wouldn't worry about it unless it runs for hours. Dash temperature gauges aren't particularly accurate for more than, "Oh crap, it's overheating!"

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The fan making noise after the engine is turned off is a common occurrence and is typically part of the vehicle's cool-down process. This happens when the engine has been running hotter than normal, and the fan continues to operate until the temperature sensor registers a cooler temperature. When the engine runs, it heats up, and even when it.

Fan Noise After Turning Engine Off Here’s Why And How To Fix Car Care Site

A low coolant level in your vehicle can cause the engine cooling fan to run longer after the engine is turned off. If there's insufficient coolant circulating through the system, the engine may overheat, and the fan will continue to run to dissipate the excess heat. To address this, check your vehicle's coolant level regularly and top it.

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1. Coolant Fan Running. Many cars are designed so the coolant fan can run a bit after the engine turns off. This helps cool down the engine faster and maintain optimal engine temperature. If the fan bearings are worn out or the fan motor is failing, it can cause a whirring noise. 2.

Turbo noise after turning engine off YouTube

Conclusion. Car fans staying on after the engine is turned off may be caused by several reasons, such as low coolant level, malfunctioning cooling system, still-on A/C system, electrical issues, or computer control. A low coolant level can cause the engine to run hot, resulting in the need for the fan to run more frequently to keep the engine cool.

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This sound is typically coming from the cooling fans of your vehicle. The fans are responsible for cooling down various components even after the engine is turned off. To check if the sound is coming from the fans, simply open the hood of your car, turn off the engine, and observe the fans. The speed and sound of the fans should match; if they.

Fan Noise After Turning Engine Off Here’s Why And How To Fix Car Care Site

1. Cooling Fans. In many vehicles, the engine's cooling fans will stay on for two to three minutes after the engine has been turned off. This allows them to successfully cool the engine down. In some cars, this might even be as long as around five minutes. If you notice that your fans are on for anywhere up to five minutes after you turn your.

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Having your cooling fan running for more than 10 minutes after you turn off the engine is a common cause of these noises and indicates a potential problem. Possible causes for the fan's noise after switching the engine off include the following: Low Coolant, Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor, Faulty PCM/ecu, Rusty Coolant Bypass Pipe,

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Air In The Wrong Places. Another reason for the car engine making noise after turned off is due to the insertion of airflow. You may notice the gurgling sounds rooted in other "cooling" systems' components at the back of the glovebox. This phenomenon happens when the outer air or the heater core enters these components.

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If the cooling fan in your vehicle continues making loud noises after you turn off the car engine, it is due to the amount of heat accumulating in your car system. When your car cooling fan system continues running while your engine is turned on, it generates a noise - which is a normal occurrence. But it becomes louder as the engine sound is.

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I've been noticing on mine it sounds like there's a compressor motor or fan going for about 2 or 3 seconds after the engine shuts off. I've been too lazy to pop the hood and check it out. i think the fan runs after the engine is off if the turbo or other engine items are hot. ive noticed it a few times, but it shuts down a moment or so after we.