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27 Feb 2022. #1. This is a Karcher K series lance where you attach various attachments. Anyone know if the Male connecter in center can be removed. Found the Yellow bits from attachments being left after removal of the attachments. Yet if the attachments are fitted to an old lance of a old small Karcher, no issues.

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K 4 Premium Power 1. Εξαερώστε τη συσκευή: Power Control a Ενεργοποιήστε τη συσκευή το πολύ για 2 λεπτά Control χωρίς να έχετε συνδέσει το σωλήνα ψεκασμού. Στοιχεία ισχύος συσκευής b Πιέστε το πιστόλι υψηλής.

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The image is of a K series karcher lance where various attachments are fitted. Increasingly they are hard to fit and twist and tends to leave the yellow bit behind from the attachment then having to use long nose pliers to get it out. Tried the attachments on another K series lance with no issues. Can the male bit in the centre of the image be.

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The lance will slide out to the gun. Sometimes the lance will not compress into the gun as it should. Spray some lubricant into the joint where the lance is attached to the gun. Now, try again. If still no compression, put the spray gun and lance vertical in an up-right position with the nozzle tip on the ground and push down on the spray gun.

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Learn how to check and change the O-rings on your Kärcher pressure washer?Discover our handy how-to guides, designed to help you get the most out of your pre.

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Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Kärcher K4. The Kärcher K4 is an upright electric pressure washer designed to deliver powerful and efficient cleaning results. With a maximum flow rate of 1135.62 liters per hour and a working pressure of up to 131 bar, this pressure washer is capable of.

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Tel. 1800 675 714. E-Mail: [email protected]. Chat. Kärcher is the world's leading solution provider for cleaning and maintenance with products and services for leisure, household, trade and industry.


92 posts · Joined 2013. #6 · Jun 28, 2013. That push in connector on the machine should unscrew to reveal a thread. You could repair / replace the qc collar or go for a screw on hose instead. The gun should release from the hose if you push the yellow button. Stephenmoore30.

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2 May 2011. #1. My foam lance has only recently started to refuse to mate with my Karcher gun (on my KB4040 pressure washer). The fitting won't push into the spring loaded end of the gun in order to twist and lock into place. I'm not sure what the problem is because it has worked fine up until now. Also - when I re-attach the original lance it.

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Turn on the outside tap of the hose. Let the water run through the pressure washer for five minutes. Turn off the water and disconnect the garden hose. Reconnect the original high-pressure hose. Press the trigger on the washer gun. Reconnect the pressure washer to the power supply. Turn the pressure machine on.

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The Kärcher K4 is an upright electric pressure washer with a maximum flow rate of 1135.62 liters per hour. The working pressure of the pressure washer at its maximum setting is 131 bar and it comes equipped with a wash brush. The Kärcher K4 weighs 12020 grams and has a width of 306 millimeters, height of 872 millimeters, and depth of 396.

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By admin August 23, 2023. Owners of the Karcher K4 pressure washer have been experiencing a recurring issue with the lance connection. Specifically, the high-pressure lance connection, which connects to the main body of the machine, seems to come loose. This problem has been identified as being related to the C clip, which is responsible for.

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2791 posts · Joined 2009. #8 · Apr 9, 2010. p1tse said: the yellow part is part of the foam gun which is still on there. yeah i can see the thick metal spring. hmm now that sounds dangerous, as i can see it etc. fiddled about with it. £35 for a new one, think my whole package with patio cleaner, brush, lances was less than £70!

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Karcher K2 gun, can't attach lance. I have a Karcher K2 and previously used the dirt blaster lance with no problems. Since I removed and tried another attachment I can't get the lance back onto end of the gun. It's like it can't be pushed in deep enough to twist the end. When I look in the end of the gun there's a spring and also a yellow.

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Ask anyone who has ever used a Karcher pressure washer - and they'll vouch for its durability. Yet, after prolonged and regular use, you may find that your loyal and reliable cleaning buddy is not working correctly - or at all. Wait! Don't think about buying a new pressure washer yet! A Karcher pressure washer […]