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For granular weed and feed, adjust the spreader settings according to the product label's recommendations. Once you have the right tool and the right settings for your specific weed and feed product, follow these four steps to apply it to your lawn: Step 1: Load the weed and feed into your spreader or sprayer with the amount the package.

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1.5mm granules. How to use: the best time to apply is in fall so that grass can be better prepared for the next growing season. To maximize the effectiveness of the product, grass must be wet during application. The Trial: I marked out 2000 sq. ft. of lawn and watered the lawn.

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Here are our picks for the best winter grass fertilizers as well as pros and cons to consider. BEST OVERALL: Espoma Organic Lawn Food Fall Winterizer. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Ace Winterizer All.

Winter is the right time to tackle weeds the organic way

Mow your lawn two to four days before you use weed & feed. Cut the grass at its normal recommended height. This timing ensures the weeds are actively growing and gives them a couple of days for the leaves to grow after mowing. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the recommended application rate.

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Winterizer Weed & Feed helps prepare your lawn for winter stress and helps promote early spring green-up along with controlling lawn weeds. Apply when broadleaf weeds are actively growing in the early fall. Apply when the air is calm to ensure uniform coverage and avoid spreading granules onto flowers, vegetables and ornamental shrubbery.

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Applying a weed control plus fertilizer to your lawn helps keep listed weeds at bay and provides the nutrients it needs to thrive in harsh environmental conditions like extreme heat and drought. Fertilizer also thickens grass, combating future weed growth and increasing curb appeal. The first application of the year truly sets you up for success.


How to Manage Winter Weeds. The best defense against the growth of winter weeds is a strong, thick, healthy lawn. During the growing season, it is important that your lawn is well fertilized, mowed at the right height and getting enough water on a consistent basis. That way when winter rolls around your lawn will be more resilient, making weed.

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4. Best organic: Purely Organic Weed and Feed. 5. Best liquid: Scotts Liquid Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control Fertilizer. 6. Best for new grass: Scotts Turf Builder Triple-Action Built for Seeding (21-22-4) 7. Best for centipedegrass: Ferti-Lome Centipede Weed and Feed 15-0-15. 8.

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7 Best Weed and Feed Products: 1. Best overall: Preen One LawnCare Weed & Feed. 2. Best long-lasting: BioAdvanced 5-in-1 Weed & Feed. 3. Best for spring: GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer. 4. Best crabgrass control: Jonathan Green VeriI-Green Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass Preventer.

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Fall weed and feed kills over 50 listed lawn weeds, including clover, dandelion, plantain, morningglory, chicory, evening primrose, and purslane Apply weed control plus grass fertilizer to a wet lawn when weeds are actively growing and temperatures are consistently between 60°F and 90°F

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Spraying selective herbicides is a practical approach to killing winter weeds. Using the winter weed and feed products also helps to kill the weed and strengthen the soil content. For an eco-friendly approach, try spraying a vinegar-based or citrus-based solution on the weeds several times to kill the plants .

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SOUTHERN LAWNS: BioAdvanced Weed and Feed is specially formulated for Southern lawns. 6-MONTH PROTECTION: Prevents broadleaf, grassy weeds, and crabgrass for up to 6 months. WEED KILLER: Kills weeds including Dandelion, Dollarweed, and Clover. LAWN FERTILIZER: Feeds, greens, and strengthens your lawn. $29.97.

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A winter fertilizer, also known as winterizer, is a lawn care treatment applied to grass in the late fall to encourage food storage in the winter and proper root system growth in the spring. This type of fertilizer is distinct from fall lawn treatments, which immediately encourage root growth and are applied before a winter fertilizer. QUICK Tip.


When to Apply Weed and Feed. Apply weed and feed when your lawn is tall enough for its first spring mowing. Mow once or twice, water the grass, and right afterward is a good time to apply weed and feed since it will adhere well to the wet grass. Ideally, you want to apply it in the early evening before the sun goes down and the ground isn't too.

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Apply only on an established lawn (6 months + older) Apply our lawn weed and feed at the recommended rate by hand, either when wearing gloves or when using a spreader. Water the fertiliser until it dissolves. Keep kids and pets away from the lawn during application and until the granules have fully dissolved.

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter Weed and Feed Lawn Care

If the leaves are not too thick or wet, mulch the leaves with your mower into dime-sized pieces to recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. If the leaves are too thick, wet, or matted down, rake them up and remove them. Also, be sure to remove lawn furniture and debris from your lawn, as well as any spare logs from next to the fire pit.