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Custom Cabinets - made to fit your specific kitchen, allowing complete customization. You can choose the materials, finishes, and features. Usually are of a higher quality. For example, for a small kitchen with limited space, custom cabinets can be designed to maximize storage and functionality. Contact a local professional in Regensburg to.

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Magnetic Mat For Radiator, Floral Pattern White Magnet Mat, Gray Heating Cover, Botanical Printed Magnet, Heat Cover, High Quality Print. (167) £70.22. £78.02 (10% off) Solid wood radiator cover. Raw to decorate. Various measures. We also do custom. Consult at [email protected].

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The Cambridge radiator cover shown here in white with white slatted grille. Supplied with removable radiator grille panel. Choice of radiator grille designs available in painted, wood, brass, chrome, brushed etc. All of our radiator covers are bespoke, custom made to measure. Available in a range of paint finishes or wood finishes.

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Seating Tables Case Pieces and Storage Cabinets All Furniture on Sale. Lighting on Sale. Wall Lights & Sconces Table Lamps Chandeliers & Pendants All Lighting on Sale.. Console "Cloud" Solid Wood, Organic Design, Made to Measure in Germany. By Eckehard Weimann. Located in Dietmannsried, Bavaria. These consoles are made by hand. The hollow.

Each radiator is handcrafted in our by our skilled craftsmen and

Also included is a 3/16" drill bit, the recommended bit for installing standard 8/32-thread cabinet screws. With the included drill bit, all you need to do is measure, mark, and drill. Made from durable 3/32" plastic, this cabinet hardware template can be used over and over again, but is affordable enough to be used for just one project.

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Loughview Furnishings are located midway between Dublin and Belfast.We are the home of handcrafted and individually styled radiator covers. Loughview Furnishings was established in the village of Omeath, Co Louth, Leinster in 1997. We specialize in bespoke radiator furniture. When you book a consultation with us, we take the time to visit your.

Chiltern Traditional Radiator Radiator Radiator Covers

Our made-to-measure cabinets are hand-crafted to the highest standard in our UK workshop, combining quality and precision to ensure your new bespoke cabinets look fantastic and fit perfectly in your home. As this cabinet design features a solid front, we add vents to the top and sides to aid heat output while concealing your radiators and.

We have particular expertise in creating bespoke radiator beautifully madetomeasure

Radiator cabinets are our passion. No matter if you have wide, deep or tall radiators or a combination thereof, we can help you with all kinds of radiator covers. We have particular expertise in creating bespoke, made to measure radiator cabinets and covers, beautifully hand-crafted and fitted by our experienced team.Blending in naturally to your décor, our bespoke radiator covers are.

We have particular expertise in creating bespoke radiator beautifully madetomeasure

To establish the size of the Radiator Cover or Radiator Cabinet you will need to masure the following: WIDTH: Measure full width including any valves, pipes and water regulators. RADIATOR HEIGHT : Measure from the lowest to the highest part of the radiator. FULL HEIGHT: Measure from the top of the radiator to the floor.

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The Original radiator cover from Sentimo is made of high-quality galvanised sheet steel. The cover is assembled with strong magnets, which means it connects tightly to the radiator. Also, the steel ensures optimum heat conduction and the grille at the top allows warm air to rise. This convection heat is a very large part of the total heat.

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Radiator Covers made to measure. Radiator covers made to measure, you can custom make a cabinet to suit all your radiator dimensions and also your room decor using our online webpage, you can then buy online for fast manufacture and delivery any where in theUK. We offer a choice of modern or classic design of radiator cabinets to suit your home.

Each radiator is handcrafted in our by our skilled craftsmen and

Create your own made to measure radiator covers with our free online 3D Jali Designer. Made in the UK & delivered in just a few weeks. See our collection today. 01227 833 333 9am-5.30pm. Radiator covers and cabinets provide a finishing touch to a room or hallway, transforming an old radiator into an attractive design feature..

Made to measure bespoke GREY Radiator Cover with storage Etsy Grey radiator covers, Radiator

Shop wardrobes and armoires at 1stDibs, a leading resource for antique and modern case pieces and storage cabinets made in German. Global shipping available.. Made-to-measure Bauhaus wardrobe designed by Hermann John Hagemann and Manufactured by GMD Berlin. The four door wardrobe is made of chrome plated metal and walnut veneer.

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The Old Town of Regensburg is a prime example of medieval architecture. The Danube and its tributaries offer refreshing bathing opportunities. Traditional beer gardens compete with modern coffee bars. And an excellent museum is dedicated to the history of Bavaria. A story by Thomas Linkel (text and photos)

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Description. 1: Enter your Radiator sizes exactly with no added extra as per the diagram above using the sliding bars, PLEASE NOTE:- we will add onto your sizes the necessary air circulation spaces needed (please do not add these on your self or the cabinet will be a lot bigger than needed) the extra air space we will add are 20mm on the width.

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With over 25 years of expertise in cabinet making, we've supplied tens of thousands of made-to-measure radiator cabinets throughout the United Kingdom and even reached as far as Geneva, Switzerland. If you are looking for a bespoke radiator cover made by craftsmen here in the U.K please do not hesitate to contact us. Telephone 01438 831174.