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Photinia × fraseri is a large, hybrid ( P. glabra and P. serrulata ), evergreen shrub that typically grows to 10-15' tall and as wide. It is often commonly called red tip or red top (particularly in the deep South where it has been frequently planted) in celebration of the bronze red to bright red new leaves that emerge at the twig tips each.

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The Photinia Red Robin is a recognisable variety from a distance thanks to its vibrant bright red foliage in spring and clusters of beautiful small blooms around May-June. Photina is a fairly quick growing evergreen shrub that is perfect for any garden as they are easy to grow and do not require much maintenance, and respond well to pruning.

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The best place to grow red tip photinia is in a spot that receives full sunlight to partial shade. This plant is tolerant of most soil types, but the soil does need to be well-draining. Fertile loam or light soil with a low clay content is best. If your soil is extremely heavy, amend it with some sand before planting.

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Photinia x fraseri' Red Robin': Red Robin is the most commonly planted cultivar.It grows 9 to 12 feet tall with a similar spread. It's a somewhat compact cultivar that is easy to tame for use in hedges. Photinia × fraseri' Little Red Robin': This plant is similar to Red Robin though much smaller, with a height and spread of only 2 to 3 feet..

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Standard Photinia can be clipped up to 3 times a year to encourage the new red leaves to develop. Care Guide. Also known as the Christmas Berry, photinia 'Red Robin' grows best in fertile, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. A sheltered position is best as the new growth can be scorched by drying wind or late frosts.

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Photinia fraseri ''Red Robin'' - Compact 100-120cm STANDARD Tree. £39.99. Product ref: T10628. Availability: Out of stock. 'Red Robin' is one of our recommended plants, as they are absolutely perfect for planting in well-drained terracotta pots or classy zinc containers in full sun, or partial shade, where the glossy, dark-green leaves, tinted.


Photinia x fraseri Red Robin trees in standard tree, lollipop, bush & pleached forms from specialist nursery with 20 years experience & nationwide delivery. This site uses some essential cookies.. Standard Tree: A more mature tree with an upright clear stem of approximately 1.8m-2.0m (measured from the soil to the lowest branches of the.

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Photinia Fraseri 'Red Robin' If a photinia grows in a pot, put it in a light, frost-free place in winter. In the open, even the thickest coat can hardly prevent a complete failure. Cutting. Without a cutback, the plant height will increase rapidly, so a photinia fraseri Red Robin reaches a majestic 400 cm within a short time, with an.

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The 'Red Robin' variety was subsequently developed in New Zealand, and with its highly coloured new growth it has become by far the most popular of all garden Photinias. Photinia 'Red Robin' is available as a container-grown shrub or as a three-quarter standard, pleached or full standard tree. With its colourful foliage, fast growth.

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Photinia, technically Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' is a popular red-leaved cultivar of Photinia, also known as 'Christmas Berry'.. This is a family of North American and Asian shrubs - with most of those used in gardens being forms of the hybrid P. x fraseri - evergreen hybrids which are grown for their colourful young foliage. 1 Photinia..

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Christmas berry 'Red Robin'. Evergreen shrub or small tree to about 6m tall, with an erect habit, and glossy, elliptic leaves to 10cm in length, bright red when young, later dark green. Clusters of creamy-white flowers appear in spring if left unpruned.

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Photinia is a very tough and hardy shrub, and this new selection 'Little Red Robin' is perfect as a standard. New Spring shoots grow brightest red for a truly magucal appearance, fading to burgundy red and green. Perfect in large pots on the patio or as feature plants in a border. Supplied 70-80cm tall inc pot in a 3L pot, ready to plant out.

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How to grow photinia. Photinias are low-maintenance shrubs or small trees, many of which have colourful foliage displays in spring/summer or autumn. They also produce clusters of small white flowers, followed by red berries. The most popular cultivar, Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin', is prized for its striking ruby-red new foliage.

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Photinia amazes everyone with their bright red leaves.. Photinia key facts:. Name - Photinia x fraseri Family - Rosaceae Height - 3 to 10 feet (1 to 3 m). Exposure: full sun Soil: ordinary Foliage: evergreen - Flowering: spring Planting, pruning and care are steps that help blooming and growth for your Photinia.. Planting Photinia. Hardiness: 5°F or -15°C, zone 7+ (USA) or H5+ (UK)

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Red tip photinia is a moderate to fast growing shrub or small tree, expected to gain 1 to 3 feet (30-90cm) of height per year.. but it's actually a miniature version of the standard Red Robin. It grows at a similar rate, but doesn't get much bigger than 1 meter in height and spread.. The most popular cultivar of red tip photinia, Red.

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