How to repressurise a Worcester boiler with a key: Insert the white plastic key. Turn the white square plastic knob anti-clockwise (like a tap) to open the filling loop and let some water in. Keep turning the white plastic knob until you can hear the water. When the pressure has reached 1 to 1.5 bar close the valve.

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Attach the hose to each side of the valve and open the mains cold tap. Open the second tap which allows water in to the heating system. Watch the pressure rise and stop once the bar reaches just about one and turn off both taps. Remove the taps from the hose, there will be some water drip out so be mindfull.

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Have you lost hot water? This video explains how to fix water pressure problems. The video shows how to fix for a Worcester boiler, model Greenstar i, but it.

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When the pressure lowers the seal/seat closes again to prevent the water from getting through the water outflow. Pilot-operated safety valves are used for boilers with high flow rates and extreme pressure. They have main and pilot valves. The main valves work as above, while the pilot valves attach to the main line connecting to the main valve.

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The most common causes of a Worcester boiler losing pressure are: A faulty heat exchanger. The expansion vessel needs recharging. A blocked condenser trap. Air trapped in the system. If you experience any problems with a Worcester boiler, you must contact a qualified Gas Safe boiler engineer. Trying to fix your boiler should never be attempted.

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Page 52: Ch Pressure Relief Valve 25.2 Withdraw the pressure release valve (C) from its housing. To refit, follow the above in reverse. Ensure any seals that have been disturbed are renewed. INSTALLATION & SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS FOR WORCESTER GREENSTAR 25Si/30Si REPLACEMENT OF PARTS 8 716 115 165a (06/2008)

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High boiler pressure in a Worcester boiler can cause operational issues and may lead to long-term damage if not addressed. Ideal boiler pressure for these units typically ranges between 1.5 and 2 bar. Should the gauge indicate a pressure above 2 bar, especially if it is in the red zone, this signifies an excess.

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Using the magnetic filter. Close the filling loop properly so no more water enters into the heating system. Check the gauge to see if it's showing pressure 2 bar or higher. Turn off the boiler completely and let the system cool down. Locate the valve at the bottom of the filter, and place a bucket under it.

How to Repressurise a Worcester Boiler Housewarm

A boiler pressure relief valve is a safety device which works by allowing pressurised fluid to leave the system safely. This prevents a dangerous build-up of pressure which could lead to your boiler shutting down or, in extreme cases, rupturing completely. The valve is usually located inside of the boiler casing at the bottom, If the level of.

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Open the filter valve, keeping an eye on the gauge and closing it tightly once it has returned; to 1 bar. Don't forget to place a bucket under the filter! Another method to reduce pressure from your boiler is to bleed your radiators. Locate the bleed valve on your radiator, place a bowl underneath it and then, slowly, open it using a radiator.


1 Dec 2012. #2. Try opening the valve to let a quick spurt of water out of the prv. There may be a bit of debris trapped in the prv's seating that needs shifting. You may nedd a few attempts to clear it. If not, then the prv will likely need to come out. I.

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Check this for signs of dripping. If it is wet, this may mean that the pressure relief valve is faulty. In either case, if your heating system keeps losing pressure to gain advice or help you should: Contact your installer. Contact your local Worcester Accredited Installer. Call our Contact Centre on 0330 123 9339.

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Tighten with a pipe wrench. Wrap the threads on the elbow and tighten it onto the valve. Reconnect or solder the drain pipe as it was before. Turn the water supply valve back on. As the boiler fills with water, vent air that got into the system with the boiler's air vent. You may need a screwdriver to operate the vent.

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According to Worcester Bosch themselves, the ideal boiler pressure for a system that's off is between 1-1.5 bar. The boiler pressure should rise by about 0.3-0.5 bar when the boiler starts heating water, but should never rise above 2.75 or fall below 0.5 bar.

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Installation AdvicePressure Relief Valves integral to: Worcester boilers. Integral PRV: The system Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) which is supplied integral to the boiler must be connected to a discharge pipe that complies with the manufacturers installation instructions and BS 6798: 2014 - 7.4.3. Remote PRV: A remote PRV kit is available from.