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If you are unsure of the insurance you require or are unable to find any of your activities in our accepted list then please telephone us on 01686 626019 to discuss your requirements as cover may still be available. Liability Insurance for Entertainers and the Performing Arts including Arts and Crafts Industry, Circus Skills and Street.

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Event Public Liability Insurance for Performers. Public liability insurance covers a wide range of risks that can occur during an event. These can include injuries to third parties, damage to property, or any other accidents that may occur as a result of your performance or presence. For example, if a member of the audience trips and falls due.

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The price of the insurance will depend on where you live, where you perform, the size of your business and the type of service you provide. For example, in Ireland, a single entertainer who performs a "non-dangerous" act, should be able to find public liability insurance packages that range from 150 to 250 euros a year.

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Allianz Musical Insurance is a flexible product, so you can buy Public Liability Insurance alone or together with cover for your musical instruments or Personal Accident insurance. Cover starts at under £11. Our Public Liability insurance protects you against the cost of a claim if someone else is injured, killed or their property is damaged.


Professional cover for theatres, production companies, workshops, drama groups, and performance arts organisations. Choose from optional levels of theatre liability cover, cancellation cover and theatre contents insurance. Call us on 0116 240 7915 or get a quote online. If you need additional assistance arranging your insurance, find out how.

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Trading as First Act, Hencilla are the recommended insurance broker to Equity and have arranged the members' suite of insurances since 1995. They are also the recommended insurance brokers to the Musicians Union and BECTU as well as more than a dozen other creative and performing arts trade associations. We have a number of specially tailored.

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Public liability insurance for entertainers and performers. Public liability insurance protects you against claims arising from accidental injuries to the general public which happen as a result of your negligence at work. As your job is defined by having an audience, you should seriously consider taking out public liability cover.

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With premiums starting from as little as £12.00, we hope this policy is affordable as well as practical. This policy is suitable for: If you are ready to buy head over to our 24 hour and get the Single Performance Insurance policy you need, when you need it. The Single Performance Insurance Policy is designed to provide cover for Public.

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DJ insurance is a specific type of performers insurance policy designed to protect DJ's from any financial responsibility should a claim be made against them in relation to public liability. If a member of the public gets injured, or there is accidental damage to third party property during a DJ's performance, DJ insurance will protect the DJ against any liability.

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Equity is the UK trade union that represents performers and other artists working across the live and recorded entertainment industry and supports The Actors' Guild of Great Britain.. Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Full Equity members automatically have up to £10 million in PLI. For many members this is an essential protection for their.

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Our cover is designed to perform at your high standards, letting you focus on the craft, not the what-ifs. performers' public liability insurance, starting at £1 million. optional personal accident cover for your own accidents and injuries. rated 4.7/5 based on 39K+ public and product liability customer reviews.

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With our specialist cover for musicians' instruments and equipment, we provide up to £1million of Public Liability cover as standard and also offer the choice to extend your cover to £5million or £10million for you and up to four of your band members. Alternatively, you can choose our stand-alone Public Liability policy which will cover.

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When it comes to entertainment and performing arts insurance, one size does not fit all. Our exclusive Arts Portfolio policy is designed to provide comprehensive cover bespoke for your arts organisation, streamlining the "red tape" costs by placing many risks under a single contract. We can help with cancellation insurance too.

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Welcome to Duck! Duck is a not-for-profit association set up to provide Public Liability and other insurance policies for our performer and artist members. We've been going since 1998 with the goal of providing the best rates we can for all our members, no matter how long you've been with us. (No 'introductory' rates that disappear later.)

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Public liability insurance for entertainers. Clearly the specific risks and hazards that may occur will vary depending on the type of entertainment work you do, but generally just about anything that brings you into close contact with the public has the potential to go awry. If this results in someone being injured or suffering loss to themself.

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Public liability insurance is vital while teaching, performing or touring. This cover protects musicians against liability for damages following injury to a third-party person or damage to property while performing or teaching.. Public liability insurance (PLI) is a type of cover that protects professionals and businesses from potential.