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As I can see in the forum that many of us are facing these similar issues like ABS,Reverse not possible, Contact workshop, Transmission related,gear related and then they suggest to change front wheel sensors, Electric Harness wire, Rodents bite ,low battery ,not original Merc battery etc and make a huge bills to fix the same.

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Reversing not poss consult workshop.. Went back to the workshop and they changed the gearbox oil. It was dark and burned. The clutch is burned. But can still be driven until it fails. I need to get back home which is a 23 hour drive and will book a time for Mercedes to check it. Insurance doesn't cover in non EU country.

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Northampton. Car. Mercedes E Class 300 Hybrid 2014. Davegilbert said: Reverse not possible consult workshop. Hi been getting this notification up, when starting up or moving off but reverse works fine, any help appreciated thanks. Ok thanks. Jun 10, 2023.

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Yes i have had this. Just switch off engine wait 5 minutes and restart. But take it into the workshop just so that they can check your car over. quite fissapointed with Mercedes. My VW Golf GTI was much more reliable. This section of the forum is for A-Class 2012-2018. This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could.

"Reversing Not Possible" Error BClass W246('12Present), W245('05'11) SGMerc Mercedes

As soon as i was picking up speed after merging the dash beeped an alert " Reversing not possible. Service required". Then i took the exit and stopped at a gas station. The reverse gear wont apply. Tried shutting down the engine and starting but didnt help. Tried restarting a few times and then called mercedes help (via mbrace).

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Hi,Im just wonderment for anyone has received a disruption message on their Mercedes. I must a Mercedes a class automatic. Twice in 2 weeks I've had the faults 'reverse nay poss, consult workshop' come up. It happens when I'm driving and it feels fancy I'm stuck in a lower gear. The cylinder just makes.

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Here is how I reset my transmission : For cars with Keyless-go. 1) Get in car & shut the door. 2) Turn car to On (do not start), by pressing twice on Start button. 3) Turn off all lights/electronics. 3) Hold down gas pedal to floor. 4) Wait 20+ seconds and then turn car Off by pressing the Start button once.

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Reversing not poss consult workshop. Had this message appear yesterday. Phoned in to the dealer, the advisor told me to phone MB breakdown if the message appears again. I couldn't put the car into reverse for a few minutes, after turning it on and off a few times it went away. Going to get it booked in after my wrap as I've got terrible rattles.

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On 17.3.19 9pm, my son wanted to use the car. Then he messaged me that the 'reversing not poss, consult workshop' appeared again. As this message happened to him twice, he asked if the problem is due to him. So he didn't use the car. I messaged iCar and Justin says it shouldn't have this message.

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Reversing not poss. Consult workshop: The transmission is malfunctioning. It is not possible to select transmission position R. Consult a qualified specialist workshop. Transmission Malfunction Stop: The transmission is malfunctioning. The transmission shifts to neutral N automatically. Stop the vehicle when safe to do so.

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Today my car reported exactly the same problem: "Reverse gear not available" and gears shifting only between 2 and 4.. MB CLA 220D, FSep 2017, 54 000 miles "reversing not poss consult workshop." I am having the same issue; the warning only came up once, But I noticed when I am in traffic, it takes time to move from gear 1 to 2.

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Reverse not poss. Consult workshop. Ive sent it into Mercedes in Lincoln and they have done a 3 hour diagnosis themselves and said theyve never seen it before. They raised a "technical job" to Mercedes in germany who have recommended they look at the valve bodies and "shift forks" in my gear box.

how To Mercedes Benz cla gear shift problem not engage R reversing not poss cunsolt

I have a 2013 b class 25000 miles very well looked after and mine starting to it as well, it effectively goes into limp mode only using 2 4 and 6 gears however no warning signs shown but as above I turn off for 5 mins and it's gone it's starting to happen to me every time I go on the motorway, car going in garage tomorrow so I'll post when or if the problem solved.

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MB said the waranty does not cover it anymore and the job its over $4k!. "The Reversing not poss. Consult workshop" and only 2nd and 4th gear available. I went to MB workshop and run a carfax too and discovery that the model of instaled batery wasn't fit for my car model.. The rear diff failure as well as the grinding when selecting.


Its directly under the air filter housing. If thats good no leaks. Then once youve refilled your gearbox oil with fresh. Start the car an leave it to idle for 10mins without driving. After 10mins go for a 5min drive, then park in a car park so your not amungst traffic on main roads. An select reverse.

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Oct 18, 2023. #10. alexanderfoti said: Well, its actually an issue with the shift fork actuators. When it detects an issue with number 2, it only gives 2nd, 5th and 7th and you loose 3rd, 4th, 1st and reverse. It doesn't tell you about the other issues, but does tell you about reverse on the dash. Most codes say 1.