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Extac Australia stocks a wide range of self-defence weapons. We offer premium walking canes, martial arts gear & educational resources. Shop online or in-store now! About Us. Cold Steel Axe Head Cane 38" Walking Stick | Polyp. $99.99. Out Of Stock. Cold Steel Balicki Stick. $59.99. Out Of Stock. Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher 29" Baseball Bat.

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Night Watchman's tough, ever-ready Survival Staff Walking Cane makes self-defense a classy pursuit. The staff is constructed of strong, injection-molded nylon with fiber and has a textured, T-grip handle for that rock-solid hold you need.. Cold Steel Pistol Grip City Walking Stick 37" | Al. $199.99. Add to Cart. Cold Steel Katana Bokken.

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ZAP Stun Gun Walking Stick - Best budget electric / stun cane. RMS Handcrafted Cane - Best "classic" hooked wooden fighting cane. Bavarian Walking Stick - Best fighting cane with style. United Cutlery Aluminum Self Defense Cane - Metal cane pick #2. Cold Steel Walking Stick - Best brute force fighting cane.

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Material: 11-layer fiberglass shaft, 6160 aluminum head. Length: 37-5/8 inches. The Cold Steel City Stick is a practical and stylish self-defense cane that perfectly balances stability and portability. Made with eleven layers of sturdy yet lightweight fiberglass, it weighs just 15.7oz and measures 37-5/8 inches long.


The Personal Protection Walking Cane, your shield of strength and security.. adaptable design perfect for daily use, complemented by practical elements for self-defense and street readiness. Classic. $225. Plus. $335.. Sizing Your Cane; Sizing Your Walking Stick; Wholesale & Retail; Dojos/Schools; Printable Brochures; Engravings;

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The purpose of the cane is to add some stability while performing basic day to day tasks either indoors or outside. And also it can be used for a self defense. Browse this articles: Defensive canes and walking sticks A cane self-defense and cane sword history Tactical, fighting and self defense canes The cane can be an effective self defense.

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#6 Kabar Self-Defense Cane. The curved pointed handle of the Kabar self-defense cane is the main feature that transforms it from a simple walking stick into a versatile fighting cane. It can be used to hook an assailant, throwing him off balance, or inflict a vicious blow. Check Prices on LA Police Gear

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With a firm grip on the cane shaft just below the handle, using a fist grip in my right hand, the cane is held at eye level. My left hand grasps one-third of the way down, with a palm-down grip; thumb and fingers encircle the shaft. I keep my right elbow tucked against my body to extend the cane outward like a hip-guard, shielding against.

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Calculate Your Ideal Cane Length: Divide your height (in inches) by two to find the base cane length. Add an extra half-inch for optimal sizing. Example: If you're 70 inches tall, half of that is 35 inches. Adding half an inch gives you a cane length of 35.5 inches. Similarly, for a height of 64 inches, the cane length should be 32.5 inches.

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1-48 of 297 results for "self defense canes and walking sticks" Results. Check each product page for other buying options. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color.. Security SELFDEFENSE Umbrella City-Safe Self defense stick umbrella and sturdy walking stick umbrella German quality wood handle. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 7.

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Today, self-defense walking canes are a cut above regular walking sticks in terms of their defensive capabilities. Self-defense canes have grown in popularity in the past decades due to growing concerns of safety among elderly or mobility impaired persons who want the peace of mind to feel confident in their own ability to ward off trouble.

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Walking Sticks & Canes. Refine by No filters applied Browse by Price, Steel Family & more Hide Filters Show Filters Price Update Clear Steel Family 420 (1) 6065. Introducing a new self-defense walking cane by Cold Steel. This cane combines the functionality of a traditional walking aid with the added advantage of a concealed 32 inch cable.

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Dual Functionality: The Zap Covert Walking Cane is a reliable walking aid and a powerful self-defense tool, offering users a 1,000,000-volt stun gun for personal security. Adjustable Length: With an adjustable length of 32 to 36 inches, it can be comfortably used by individuals of varying heights, enhancing its versatility.

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Self-defense walking sticks—like the popular sword canes—feature ingenious designs that have been the subject of awe and envy of collectors for centuries. What walking cane or walking stick enthusiast hasn't seen one of these meticulously crafted pieces and wanted one for their collection? It's handy to have a self-defense walking cane right at hand to protect you in case of an unexpected.

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Cane Masters is the leading retailer of custom walking canes, sticks & walking staffs. Our products are handmade, fashionable, and made with high-quality materials.. Army Veteran. I need the excellent product that Cane Masters provides for both mobility and self defense. My cane arrived on time and was very well protected in the shipping.

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Strike Fast & Hard in Self-Defense! Lightness and balance make BlackSwift's sticks supremely fast and easy to handle. Super-tough materials make them extremely durable and hard-hitting. Our tapered design gives them a sleek, elegant appearance. High quality and expert craftsmanship will give you years and years of outstanding performance.