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Push the test button on the alarm to check the sound. If you don't hear anything, replace the batteries or check the detector's wiring for damage. To test the sensor, use an aerosol spray designed specifically for testing smoke detectors. If the detector doesn't go off, you may need to replace it.

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Solo A10 is the latest Non-Flammable HFC-free smoke aerosol designed to facilitate the functional testing of smoke detectors installed into buildings. The Solo A10 comes in a 150ml bottle and should be dispensed through the Solo 330 and Solo 332 aerosol dispensers. These dispensers create a seal around the smoke detector ensuring that the.

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Shake can before use and spray test spray for about 5 seconds and with a distance of approx. 30 cm towards the smoke detector. The functioning of the smoke detector has to be tested on a regular basis, and recommended testing period is two inspections per year.

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The spray can also makes it quick and easy to release its contents for fast testing. Features & Benefits • Non-flammable for safety in the event of a fire • Recyclable when empty for a lighter carbon footprint • Silicone-free to prevent contamination of your smoke detector

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Our Smoke Detector Testing Spray is ideal for testing your optical or photoelectrical smoke detector in a quick and safe way without the need for additional equipment. Using the test button only ensures the sounder / buzzer is working; this spray ensures detection of smoke is recognised for maximum safety and functionality..

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The most popular type of smoke detector tests the functionality of a fire alarm by enclosing it with a transparent cup and emitting simulated smoke using an aerosol. Our range includes individual smoke detectors and complete test kits that allow engineers to quickly and accurately test smoke alarms installed on ceilings from the ground using extendable equipment, reducing the risk of injuries.

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You can check the function of the detector with our ABUS test spray. Simply spray the smoke detector and wait for the warning tone. Optical smoke alarms detect smoke particles in the air. These are simulated realistically by the spray. If there is no alarm at a spray intensity of around five seconds, you should replace the smoke detector.

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A smoke detector tester, also known as a smoke detector test spray, is a small canister that is specifically designed to test the functionality of smoke detectors. It is a non-toxic aerosol spray that contains a simulated smoke, which when sprayed near the smoke detector, will alarm the detector just like a real fire would.

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PurCheck® is our totally non-flammable, environmentally safe smoke detector testing spray. This UL & ULC Listed product is approved for testing both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors and eliminates the risk of any harmful residue. The only totally non-flammable testing product available, and an alternative to SmokeCheck®.

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Ideal testing spray for fire alarm systems. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Toggle Nav. The Solo A5-001 is a 250ml detector testing aerosol designed for use with the Solo 330-001 smoke detector testing aerosol dispenser. Approved all over the world, the Solo smoke aerosols (used with the Solo 330/332.

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EFFECTIVE: Tests the functional ability of smoke detectors; and checks for obstructions and debris which can clog detector vents. APPLICATIONS: For use on commercial and residential smoke detectors. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Smoke Test Brand Smoke Detector Tester is available in a 2.5 wt oz aerosol can.

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Smoke Detector Testing Spray (150ml) SDTS01. Our Smoke Detector Testing Spray is ideal for testing your optical or photoelectrical smoke detector in a quick and safe way without the need for additional equipment. Using the test button only ensures the sounder / buzzer is working; this spray ensures detection of smoke is recognised for maximum.

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TEST YOUR SMOKE ALARM REGULARLY: The Arctic Hayes Smoke Alarm Testing Spray is a simple, convenient, and reliable solution to test the correct functioning of the smoke sensor in your smoke alarm in minutes. EASY TO USE: Shake well, hold the can 30cm (2ft) away from the sensor and spray for 2-5 seconds. Wait for the alarm to respond.

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Overview. Introducing Solo A10S, the latest HFC-free and Non-Flammable smoke aerosol specially designed for testing smoke detectors in buildings. This innovative product ensures safe and efficient functional testing. Contained in a 250ml bottle, Solo A10S is meant to be dispensed using the Solo 330 and Solo 332 aerosol dispensers.