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We stock over 20 colours of headlight & Tail Light tint films here: DIY tutorial shows you how to i.

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This material is designed to darken a car's windows to block UV light and reduce glare from the sun and headlights. Car window tint film is available in a variety of materials and shades.

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Lamin-x Protective Films was founded in 2002 to create an entirely new market of car protection films for the automotive aftermarket products industry. Since then, we have expanded to offer car light tints and motorcycle lighting protective film as well as new paint protection products for high wear-and-tear locations on your car.

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6. Luxe LightWrap Mid Smoke Universal Headlight Tail Light Tint Kit. The luxe wrap comes in large rolls to help you cover your tail lights, bumper lights, and even headlights. The manufacturer guarantees that the layers last up to ten years, meaning that the protective layer has extra thickness.

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Manufacturers of window tint/film also advise that "medical grade" film (i.e. film used to protect people with skin conditions from UV rays) are clear and do not affect the windscreen's visible light transmission (VLT) 1. For these reasons, tinted film is not generally allowed on the main part of a windscreen.

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Taillight tints can be installed in as little as an hour and cost from as little as £85 for a pair. Audi SQ7 Dark Shade Taillight Tints. Audi RS5 DYNO-Smoke Tinted PPF Taillight Tint. Audi R8 Dark Shade Taillight Tint. BMW M50D Light Shade Tinted PPF Taillight Tint. Audi RSQ8 Dark Shade Taillight Tints.

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Peel the film tint from the protective plastic sheet and spray either some soapy water or a solution of 85% water and 15% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle on the adhesive side. This will prevent the film from sticking before you have properly aligned it on the taillight. [12] 5. Apply the film tint to the taillight.

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Tint World ® Headlight Protection Film is a virtually clear film that provides the very best protection for your headlights. Headlight protection film has been tested at 500 mph, simulating the flying speeds of modern jet aircraft. Our car headlight protection film has also been tested at temperatures down to -30 centigrade with no damage to the film or adhesive.

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Smoked Headlight Tint Wraps by the Roll. If precuts don't appeal to you there's no need to worry—we carry a full line of tinting films used in pre-cut kits by the roll as well. Choose from both Rtint™ and ORACAL® 8300 headlight tint films and buy by the foot starting as short as 12 inches to rolls of ten yards in length.

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The volume of light that can pass through your window is referred to as variable light transmission, or VLT.. 3M Crystalline CR40 40% VLT Automotive Car Window Tint Film Roll Size 30"x240" $538.

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HEADLIGHT & TAIL LIGHT FILMS. Chromatic Vinyl Films L-1000 Series of Headlight and Taillight Tint films are designed to bond to your lights with optically clear non-permanent adhesive. These high quality tint films are designed to ensure protection from stones and give a factory installed appearance that will last up to 7 years.

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Step 1: Dismount the headlight assembly. Check the vehicle repair manual and follow the instructions for dismounting your headlights. Step 2: Clean the headlight lens. It's important to start with a pair of clean headlights to ensure that the vinyl film adheres, or the spray coats the surface evenly.

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Order Head and Taillight Tint Here: Auto Styling brings you this quick & easy to follow install timlap.

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Headlight tinting applies a thin film of colored or tinted material to the surface of a vehicle's headlights. This process is becoming increasingly popular among car enthusiasts, as it can enhance the look of a vehicle and provide several benefits for Nighttime driving. Proper headlights are essential for safe driving, as they allow drivers to see and be seen by others on the road.

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So, step into our world of best headlight tint films and see the magic for yourself. Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap. $61.00. 5ft x 3.28ft - $61.005ft x 10ft - $179.005ft x 16ft - $249.005ft x 33ft - $419.005ft x 49ft - $519.005ft x 59ft - $589.00. Add To Cart.