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All our Venus Flytraps are sent as plants in their pots and come with full instructions. They require a sunny position. We grow many different forms of Venus Flytrap, including the following: South West Giant, Royal Red, All Green, Sharks Tooth, Big Mouth, Spider, South West Giant Hybrid, B52, Darwin and many more.

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Description. Dionaea muscipula Dracula is a Venus Fly Trap with good colours, and fang teeth as you would expect with a name like this. Venus Fly trap Dracula (Dionaea muscipula Dracula) is easy to care for; full sun, stand in rainwater, no poking (this tires the plant out reducing its lifespan). They can live for as long as you look after them.


Clear. £ 9.00. Out of stock. Add to basket. Description. Reviews 11. Along with 'B52' Dionaea, the Venus Flytrap 'South West Giant' rates as one on the largest of the Venus Fly Trap cultivars. The traps reach 5-6cm and and the plant can reach 30cm diameter in optimum growing conditions. In the summer, the giant traps are produced on.

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Description. Dionaea muscipula DCXL is a vigorous Venus Fly Trap with large traps. Venus Fly trap DCXL (Dionaea muscipula DCXL) is easy to care for; full sun, stand in rainwater, no poking (this tires the plant out reducing its lifespan). They can live for as long as you look after them.

Venus Fly Trap Care How To Grow A Venus Fly Trap

Buy Venus Fly Traps the ultimate Fly Catcher Plant. Browse our shop to find Venus fly trap for sale along with Venus fly trap seeds and starter kits. If you have only ever heard of one carnivorous plant, it's likely the Venus flytrap. Easily the most. widely known and represented in media, the plant resembles a large mouth: usually bright green.

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Top tips on how to keep your Venus fly trap alive from Matt Soper of Hampshire Carnivorous Plants. Matt Soper shares his top tips on how to care for Venus fly traps.. We aim to enrich everyone's life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Join the RHS. Become an RHS Member today and save 25% on your first year.

Venus Fly Trap Care How To Grow A Venus Fly Trap

The most famous carnivorous plant makes for an amazing house plant. The Dionaea Muscipula or Venus Fly Trap is a fascinating flowering plant with carnivorous eating habits. The plant has hinged leaves which are lined with 'teeth' which interlock when shut. The inside of these leaves are hair-like projections called trichomes which cause the.

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Sunshine and rainwater. We stock a large variety of Venus Fly Trap, with different teeth, shapes, colours. Dionaea muscipula - Venus Fly Trap is easy to care for; full sun, stand in rainwater, no poking (this tires the plant out reducing its lifespan). They can live for as long as you look after them. Venus Flytraps do go dormant in winter.

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Venus fly traps do not need fertilising. Instead, feed fortnightly with live insects. Simply catch an insect such as a fly and then gently lower it into one of the traps, using tweezers. As soon as the fly comes into contact with the fine hairs in the trap, the trap will close. Do not force the trap shut - this can harm the plant.

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This trap is used by the best-known carnivorous plant, the Venus Flytrap. The Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is the only plant species that can count. The fly trap manifests itself in the shape of a mouth. In this mouth there are three to nine hairs. When an insect lands in this trap and touches one of these hairs - twice - within 20.

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UK's largest carnivorous plant nursery. Est. 1998. 20+ Years Experience - Established 1998. Our top picks FT001L Venus Fly Trap LARGE Dionaea muscipula.. FT29 Venus Fly Trap Red Piranha. £9.00. Cl31 Drosera collection 3. £17.75. NMC144 Nepenthes gaya Long Tom. £28.00. DS077 D. adelae. £9.75. FT001 Venus Fly Trap MEDIUM Dionaea muscipula.

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FT001L Venus Fly Trap LARGE Dionaea muscipula. £ 22.50. In Stock. Add to Wish List. Large Mature plants in 12cm pots Venus flytraps will grow well on a sunny windowsill or in a frost free greenhouse Avoid making the traps shut excellent flycatcher.

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Featured Carnivorous Plants. We stock Sundews (Drosera), Venus Flytrap (Dionaea), Trumpet Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia),Cobra Lily (Darlingtonia), Bladderworts (Utricularia) and much more! All our products are produced and shipped from the UK. If you are looking for a beginner friendly carnivorous plants starter kit, checkout our 3 and 5 set.

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500 Capsules Venus Fly Trap Plant Seeds High Survival Rate Exotic Insectivorous Plant Seed Carnivorous Plants Seed. 27. £499 (£998.00/kg) Get it Monday 14 Aug - Saturday 19 Aug. FREE Delivery.

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Venus Fly Trap Seeds, Dionaea Muscipula, Bonsai Carnivorous Plant Seeds. £0.99 to £8.76. £0.76 postage. Freeze Dried Bloodworm Venus Flytrap Carnivorous Plant Food Insect. £1.75 to £27.15. Est. delivery date Est. delivery Thu, Apr 11. Carnivorous Plant Dionaea Muscipula 'Akai Ryu' Venus Flytrap.

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Browse our store and find a number of giant venus fly traps for sale. All our giant Venus fly traps are frown and shipped exclusively in the UK. The Dionaea "Big Mouth" plant is not-so-cleverly named for its - you guessed it - big mouth. The. Big Mouth Venus Flytrap traps are larger than other cultivars and develop a dark pink coloring.