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The parts of a chimney can be broken down into nine distinct categories: the bricks, the flue, the liner, the cap, the crown, chase cover, flashing, damper, and the smoke chamber.. Additionally, when the hot embers from the fireplace rise up the chimney, the wire mesh on the chimney cap acts as a spark guard to prevent fires from.

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Creosote Buildup. If you are burning wood in your fireplace, there is creosote in your chimney—it's inevitable. As gases from combustion head up your chimney they cool down, stick to the sides of the flue and form highly flammable, tar-like creosote deposits. If the creosote is allowed to build up without regular inspection or cleaning, it.

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An umbrella. When an umbrella is down, it fits up a chimney. When it's up, it won't fit down a chimney.

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The first step in fixing downdrafts is to understand precisely what is going on in your chimney flue to cause it in the first place. We always recommend having a professional inspection and assessment of your fireplace and chimney. A reputable professional has the right tools to see exactly where things are going wrong and offer repairs or.

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Chimney caps are traditionally made from copper, aluminium, stainless steel, or galvanised steel. Chimney Crown. The crown is located adjacent to the chimney cap at the top of the chimney and helps to protect the contents within the chimney from the weather. The crown keeps the chimney's interior dry by deflecting water away from it. Flue

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3. I like this answer. Very unexpected. The only difference is you have "down down" as opposed to "down. up". I suppose this could be a second riddle when the after the first is guessed in social situations. "What goes up a chimney down, and goes down a chimney down." After the first answer is guessed, this one would throw them off. =)

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There are a few things that might grow up and down a chimney: Plants and vines: If a chimney isn't properly sealed or maintained, plants or vines can grow up the outside and into the inside. This can be a problem if the plants or vines get caught in the chimney flue or damage the structure of the chimney. Moss and algae: Moss and algae can.


The riddle of what can go up a chimney down but not down a chimney up has intrigued and puzzled many over the years. It is an example of wordplay, where the shifting meanings of "up" and "down" create a clever twist in our thinking. In this blog post, we will explore this intriguing riddle, discuss its possible answers, and delve into.

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The Chimney Riddle. The riddle of what can go up a chimney when going down but is unable to go down a chimney when going up has puzzled many people for generations. It seems counterintuitive that something could move in one direction but not the other, especially when it comes to the narrow, confined space of a chimney.

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The second eats as much as is given to him, yet is always hungry. The third goes away and never returns. ANSWER. What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up? Want to see the obvious answer? Get the answer and browse the highest rated challenging riddles that will really twist your brain.

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What can go up a chimney down, but can't go down a chimney up? Answer: An umbrella. If your umbrella is "down," it can fit through a chimney, but if it's "up," it won't fit! Riddle: You'll find me in Mercury, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, but not in Venus or Neptune.

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Temperature Imbalances. One of the key factors behind chimney downdraft is temperature imbalances. When the air inside the chimney is colder than the air outside, it can create a blockage for rising warm air. This can occur when the chimney is exposed to cold outdoor temperatures, causing the draft to reverse.

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Les Chatfield/CC-BY 2.0. According to Riddle Spot, the answer to the riddle "What goes up the chimney down but cannot go down the chimney up?" is an umbrella. An umbrella is very thin and narrow when it is down, so it can fit through the narrow opening of a chimney. When an umbrella is up, however, it is too large to fit through the same.

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What is it Riddles. What can go up a chimney down by Anonymous v1. by Anonymous v2. Riddle: What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up? Answer: An umbrella.

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What can go up a chimney down, but cannot go down a chimney up? Show Answer. Answer: umbrella

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Riddle: What can go up a chimney down, but can't go down a chimney up? Answer: An Umbrella. When the umbrella is closed, it can go up the chimney. But when the umbrella is open, it cant go down it. Show Answer Hide Answer . SHARE. Share: Chimney Riddle Meme. Riddle Quizzes.