Word Puzzle (Wacky Wordie) can you figure out which compound noun or phrase each of these

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Word Links. 06/06/2020. The objective is to find a word that can be joined in some way (before or after) to each of the clue words to form new words or phrases. #. Word 1. Word 2. Word 3. Word Link. 1.

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Quiz. Can you find the missing link between these words? The writing's on the wall with this tricky word puzzle quiz! Not that kind of missing link!. Ah never mind! The year is 3 million BC, and you're in the cave of a very curious early human. She's not quite an ape, but also not quite human.

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Every answer is a word that goes before or after the three words provided. Read more now. Take our fun free what word quiz and see how good your vocabulary is!. this what word quiz, be sure to check out the rest of LaffGaff for lots more fun free quizzes and riddles, such as these: Pop Music Quiz; Really Hard Riddles; Science Quiz; State.

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Each clue consists of two phrases. The missing word completes the first phrase, and begins the second phrase. For example: Swan ____ Bomber would be Swan Dive Bomber. (Swan Dive, Dive Bomber). Answers are grouped by length of answer (from shorter to longer), AND alphabetically within each group. Classic: Type in answers that appear in a list.

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Guess letters to find three words. Two down and one across. Each word is a link for the others. They are synonyms (similar in meaning). You have up to 6 wrong guesses; game ends on 6th wrong guess! Click on the word for the meaning at the end of the game.

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The triplet is a type of word puzzle based on a psychological test of flexible thinking and creativity. It is a set of three words that are linked by a common fourth word. Here's an example: What word links these three words? The linking word should appear before or after each of the three words to form well-known compound words or phrases.

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It Takes Three. In this quiz I give three items and all you have to do is spot the common link, sometimes just a word other times a little more complicated. As always some are easy and others need a little bit of thought. It Takes Three. QUESTIONS. ANSWERS.

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In other words: Creativity depends on the ability to make associations that aren't immediately obvious. In the same paper, Mednick proposed a tool to test people's ability to do just that: the Remote Associates Test, or RAT, a word puzzle that requires the solver to link three different words using a fourth.

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Dive into our Linking Words Quiz! This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of linking words and transitions, essential tools for connecting ideas and improving the flow of your writing. In this quiz, you'll encounter various scenarios where you'll need to choose the most appropriate linking word or phrase to effectively link sentences and paragraphs together. From simple transitions like.

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Linkword. Also Known As: Link Ladder. The objective is to find a word of a specific length that can be joined in some way to each of the two clue words to form two new words or phrases. In Linkword, all of the answers are four-letter words. This restriction forces the acrostic part of the answer (the letters in the shaded squares) to be made up.

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Linking words Can you name the word which can be linked to the other three? Eg: smith, board, pitch = BLACK (blacks?

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Quiz Guy John Chaneski's puzzle challenges you to spot the missing links between words. For example, what do the following three names have in common? Jefferson, Franklin, Washington. This is part of a complete episode.

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Word Links #2. Find a group of four related words in the grid and enter their first letters in any order e.g. FCRJ. Then enter the link between them e.g. Actors. There are four groups of four words to find. Some words may fit into more than one category, but there's only one way to solve the grid so that each word is used once!

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Linkwords. This is a simple word play round where the word in the middle ends the first word and starts the second. For example WEDDING and STAND might be linked by CAKE, i.e. WEDDING CAKE, CAKE STAND. Here's an example, I've given the answers that I came up with but there might be others that fit. Linkwords 1 ( Linkwords 1 - Answers.

Word Puzzle (Wacky Wordie) can you figure out which compound noun or phrase each of these

Word Links by Picture. Can you choose an image that pairs with the given image to form a compound word? The answer will begin a new word link in the next question. Image of a rock could be paired up with an image of star. That answer (star) would be the hint image in the next question, and could be paired with an image of a fruit, etc.