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Our school's mission (why we existed) was to teach. Our vision, reflecting shared beliefs, values, and specific, purposeful goals, was the summation of desired outcomes we wanted, along with strategic plans to achieve them. Billy's mother eloquently stated, "I just want three things from this school. First, I want my son to learn the.

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How do schools communicate their aims and values? A school's ethos, mission, aims and values can be communicated via the school Literature: school prospectus, school handbook, school policies as well as school website and also in school.Home/school agreements, meetings and open days are also a good ways of communicating this to parents.

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Aims and values act as a measure of accountability for the school's performance. They engage stakeholders and promote collaboration within the school community. Aims and values support decision-making and prioritizing initiatives. They promote consistency in school practices and policies.

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School values play a pivotal role in shaping the moral and academic landscape of educational institutions. These values articulate the moral and academic expectations for everyone in the school community, ensuring that every child who attends is aware of what the school aims to achieve for them. Furthermore, school values are instrumental in.

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Data and research on education including skills, literacy, research, elementary schools, childhood learning, vocational training and PISA, PIACC and TALIS surveys., For the first time, the OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 project conducted comprehensive curriculum analyses through the co‐creation of new knowledge with a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers, academic.

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aims, purposes and values of primary education. A full list of references and websites consulted is attached. 1.3 The survey limitations As this review of the aims, purposes and values of primary education in the six selected countries covers documents available in English only, the authors are unable to make all-encompassing conclusions.

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Perhaps the most promising model is actually a bottom-up one. The community schools movement aims to build academic and social-service partnerships on school campuses. And a recent review of 19.

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Keep your core purpose brief. Make sure everyone knows your core purpose. Live by your core purpose and your shared values every single day. Follow the links below for more from John: 1. From vision to action: developing your school's core purpose. 2. From vision to action: establishing a vision for your school. 3.

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A good culture arises from messages that promote traits like collaboration, honesty, and hard work. Culture is shaped by five interwoven elements, each of which principals have the power to influence: Fundamental beliefs and assumptions, or the things that people at your school consider to be true. For example: "All students have the.

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Understand how schools uphold their aims and values. For a school to understand its purpose, values and priorities in terms of the way it educates and caters for the well-being of its students, it must begin by creating a mission statement. This lays down in writing the school's reasons for existing and its overall goals.

Vision, Values & Aims Derwendeg Primary School

Vision or mission statements should avoid words and phrases that are gimmicky, catchy, obligatory or simply reflect current phases and fads. Schools should aim to be authentic and honest in their.

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With aims influencing our practices, and values influencing aims, it is important to regularly reflect on the aims of our schools and to consider the values that they may be promoting, or demoting, to students. In a way, this regular practice could provide us with a type of 'reflective check' on the values of our schools and individual.

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We must devote time to identify, evaluate, challenge, and communicate our core values, especially as they pertain to beliefs about our students, our peers, and ourselves. When examining our beliefs, we have to be honest with ourselves and others. We should start with easier questions that tend to unify us as educators, like why we chose to be.

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This article reports findings from a study of graduate level, educational leadership students' familiarity with shared mission, vision, values, and goals statements and the perceived impact these concepts have on their practice as leaders and teachers in schools. The study is primarily qualitative and uses content analysis of responses to open-ended questions. Researchers adopted a limited.

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A core purpose sharpens your focus on what really matters, and sometimes a core purpose can help a headteacher make the most difficult of decisions. Fail to shape a core purpose and you lose the opportunity to place learning at the heart of things. Crucially, your core purpose has to be co-created by the people who comprise your school:

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Keep the Target Consistent. While a vision clearly defines where we are going, a target defines what success looks like at each step along the way. We're often predisposed to raising our expectations—to raising the bar and shifting the target—when things feel good or get easier. We're also predisposed to lowering our expectations and.