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Within Her Eyes YouTube

Within Her Eyes stands the test of time as a smart little piece. Its conceit - the woman never touches the ground, for 17 whole minutes - may verge on the contrived, but is saved by the power.

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Choreographic Devices in 'Within Her Eyes'. Stillness: Used effectively to emphasise despair and sorrow. Contact improvisation: The female dancer is always in physical contact with the male dancer. This represents reliance, support, and closeness. Canon: Sequences where one dancer's movements are replicated by another with a time lag.

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Within Her Eyes is a particular angle on a form that is deeply familiar, from ballet to ballroom: a male-female duet with the woman both as emotional subject and visual object, the man as support.

Within Her Eyes YouTube

an abstract tragic love story; the pull towards the female's late lover contrasted with the desire to move on. Choreographic approach. the film uses the choreography from Cousins' critically acclaimed stage production 'There We Have Been 'and sets it outdoors in a bleak landscape. James worked from two starting points; narrative and emotional.

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Within Her Eyes: Movement content (actions, dynamics, space, relationships) Here are key points to help understand the Dance production "Within Her Eyes:": Movement Content. Observe the extensive use of actions. The two female dancers actively use gestures, stillness, and most importantly, their body language to narrate the story.


Aaron and Lisa talk about making and performing Within Her Eyes.. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/JamesCousinsSubHear first hand about the process of creat.


James Cousins review - power and creative vision in three short films. The award-winning Within Her Eyes and two more experimental dance works reveal the storytelling strengths of this talented.

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intimacy and passion, growing darkness suggests growing dark feelings between the dancers. darkness suggests a deeo, dark and passionate mood. Bagins early evening, progressing to late evening. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Stimulus, Aural Setting, Themes and more.

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Discover more about our acclaimed duet, now featured on the AQA GCSE specification

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Focusing on Within Her Eyes, this video, featuring choreographer James Cousins will support dancers to explore the themes and choreographic idea's in Within.

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Subject: Physical education. Age range: 11-14. Resource type: Worksheet/Activity. File previews. pdf, 1.4 MB. AQA GCSE Dance - Within Her Eyes Workbook. This booklet outlines the key facts from Within Her Eyes focusing on setting, lighting, costume, aural setting and key motifs. I have Powerpoints which go through the answers to accompany this.

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Within Her Eyes: Themes. Loss and Longing. Portrayal of a woman consumed by grief and longing due to the loss of her partner. Emphasized through physical distance and continuous contact between two dancers. End of dance symbolizes hopelessness with the woman sinking into the ground, showing she is unable to move on. Dependence.

"Within her eyes laid a shrewdness and beauty not often found in women of her class. Her eyes

Within Her Eyes . GCSE Dance (8236) Anthology fact file magazine as one of the future faces of dance, branded 'strikingly Choreographer . As a choreographer James Cousins was recognised by Time Out original' by The Guardian, called 'a rising star' by The Independent and described by Matthew Bourne as 'one of the UK's most promising


Within Her Eyes: Dancers. The dance is a duet, involving only one male and one female performer. The dancing style relies heavily on the chemistry and connection between the dancers. The dance requires strong technical ability and emotive performance skills from the dancers. Within Her Eyes: Aural Settings. The music is instrumental, devoid of.


From the openness of the hillside, to the hilltop where Welham and Vickers seem perched on the edge, to the depths of the forest. The light closes in too as dusk approaches and night falls, the clouds getting darker and darker. It ends without and end, with those black, stormy clouds and the last light fading away. Within Her Eyes, which is.